Microfiber towel For cleaning the floor

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Best way to deep clean the floor with microfiber towel

Chemical-free cleaning of wood, tile, and marble

A finely finished floor is always easy to clean and remains hygienic and safe for inhabitants. But, a timely deep cleaning is required to maintain its brightness and lamination. Here is an easy way to deep cleanse your floor without much effort. Firstly, note the materials required, which are easily available:

½ cup baking soda

½ cup hydrogen peroxide

½ tablespoon mild dish soap

A microfiber mop

A microfiber towel


Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and soap well in a bowl and make paste. Clean out dirt from the surface to be cleaned using a dry mop or towel. Now Apply the paste on the surface, especially the grooves. Leave for ten minutes. Take a moist microfiber towel and scrub gently. Wash out the towel with water thoroughly. Wipe the floor with a wet towel. Dry it using a dry microfiber towel or mop.


  • A natural household deep cleanser is always skin friendly.
  • It keeps the lament floor, walls, and counters free of streaks and germs without damage.
  • Proves economical for regular use

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